Aviatrix Games is a revolutionary new form of NFT casino gambling that goes far beyond crash gaming. Its innovative mechanics and commitment to Provably Fair gambling make Aviatrix Games an attractive alternative to traditional casinos.

This game provides flight experience, levelling, a loyalty scheme and plane personalisation – plus tournament participation and cashing out winnings!


Aviatrix by QTech Games could become an instant hit. A crash-style game, it allows players to build their own aircraft and enter tournaments for extra cash prizes. Customization options also give users the ability to personalize their planes further personalizing your play experience and increasing customer retention and engagement rates overall. A welcome addition to their already expansive library, this new game should bring new customers while strengthening relationships with existing ones.

This game resembles other crash games, yet stands out with unique elements that set it apart. For example, its unique way of calculating wins – instead of counting symbols as is common elsewhere – involves amassing money instead of counting symbols as your airplane flies along its course. You have the option to cash out quickly or wait longer in hopes of an increased prize pool; but be wary: as soon as an explosion occurs your plane could explode and make this decision worth your while or not!

This game boasts an innovative NFT integration that adds an exciting digital element. Your aircraft serves as an NFT that can be traded or redeemed for additional flights – creating even greater excitement within the game itself! Furthermore, its Loyalty Program rewards players with XP points they can use towards upgrading your aircraft.

Aviatrix stands out with its impressive graphics and intuitive gameplay, designed with cutting-edge technologies such as React, Tailwind and Zustand and running smoothly on all devices. Furthermore, this game supports multiple languages, making it accessible for players worldwide.

Aviatrix team have done an excellent job combining popular crash mechanics with Non-Final Ticker (NFTs) and Provably Fair technology, creating an exciting iGaming experience. Industry professionals have given Aviatrix high praise as they praised its innovative approach to gambling while still providing an engaging gaming experience.

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Bonus rounds

Aviatrix game is an innovative new online casino game that gives players a guaranteed prize by placing bets. To play, players simply deposit funds to their money account according to site limits; then find their game of choice within the catalogue of casino and click “Play”, after which bets will begin deducted from it.

After completing their registration process, users will receive a unique code which grants access to their Aviatrix game account. They will need to select their bet size and confirm participation for an upcoming round before playing; once this occurs, betting automatically deducted from money accounts; players may then check winnings as well as observe results of other users’ bets in order to improve their own betting strategies.

Aviatrix stands apart from traditional gambling games by featuring built-in bonus rounds that let players compete against one another for major prizes. Competitions involve participants who have built NFT planes; each bet made affects your chances of making it onto the list of winners while overall experience also plays a part.

Aviatrix’s attraction lies in its multiplier payout system when players win, offering large wins without risking all their stake. But players should still bear in mind that this game has medium volatility; losses may still occur.

Aviatrix Casino’s website is protected with SSL encryption to safeguard player data, with numerous payment methods such as credit cards and electronic wallets to select from for payment – they even support mobile phone and tablet play! In addition, there are special events held regularly that you can find out more about on the Promotions page of its website – plus their technical support is outstanding and can quickly address any problems quickly!

Game mechanics

Aviatrix is an exciting online casino game with an unexpected twist. To play, players will take control of a virtual plane that takes off from a runway, with multipliers increasing as it climbs towards its target altitude. As it ascends higher into the sky, win multipliers increase and cashout can occur later or early depending on player preference; similar to Jet X but with its own unique set of twists; players can opt whether to cash out immediately or wait until larger sums accumulate before cashing out early or waiting longer before cashing out.

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The game boasts an intuitive and straightforward design, and the graphics are highly attractive. Players can select various aircraft models with multipliers reaching as high as x10000! Winnings are clearly indicated via bet multipliers so it is easy for players to understand how much money they could potentially win.

Aviatrix goes beyond traditional crash games by also offering an NFT-based aircraft customization feature and loyalty program that rewards daily play. Furthermore, players can take part in tournaments to increase their personalization levels even further! The industry-first NFT feature adds another level of personalization. Meanwhile, its loyalty program enables daily rewards while giving them a chance at special tournaments participation.

Aviatrix also makes it easy to track your progress and performance. Use the website of Aviatrix to keep an eye on how well you are progressing and even compete against other players for recognition – this will allow you to improve your gaming skills and take full advantage of this online casino game!

Aviatrix’s free demo provides an ideal opportunity to familiarize yourself with its rules and mechanics before investing real money into it. Compatible with any computer or mobile device, as well as live betting sites, the Aviatrix demo provides a perfect opportunity to test before spending real money on real games.

Aviatrix Casino uses Provably Fair, an advanced verification mechanism which uses cryptographic algorithms to generate random numbers that verify bets are processed correctly and provide optimal odds. While not everyone may understand its workings, this feature of Aviatrix makes for a secure gambling site.

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Payment options

Aviatrix is an innovative B2B iGaming platform that employs non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to disrupt the industry. With over two dozen NFT-based games – Crash being its flagship offering – offering high returns to player, it is available at several casinos online and players can win real rewards such as NFTs or cryptocurrency for their efforts in playing, which they can redeem later at any casino supporting them.

Aviatrix stands out from traditional slot machines in that it requires players to combine timing, risk analysis and intuition in order to win big prizes. This unique blend of skill and luck provides players with an exciting, rewarding experience when playing Aviatrix; its high stake multiplier gives the chance to score big prizes; furthermore, Aviatrix NFT adds digital elements which further engage players when playing Aviatrix.

Bet77 Casino makes deposits secure and provides numerous payment methods to make deposits. They use cutting-edge encryption technology to safeguard all transactions and keep your personal information private, with deposits typically processed within hours and withdrawals taking between 1-8 business days depending on which payment method you select; rest assured, however, they remain safe and secure!

Once you’ve signed up for an account, Aviatrix can be played in just a few steps. First, log in using your user name and password; next navigate to the cashier section; select payment method; finally start playing at casino!

Aviatrix Bet77 Casino is an ideal option for those who want to try their hand at Aviatrix crash betting game. Offering an extensive selection of slots and table games, as well as providing a safe gaming environment with anti-virus protection software and SSL encryption to protect sensitive information.

Aviatrix not only offers an extensive selection of games, but they also provide generous bonuses and loyalty rewards. Their cashback feature lets you collect some of your lost wagers back. In addition, daily tournaments provide opportunities to earn additional rewards as well as accumulate loyalty points during gameplay.